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Southwest Services

Pauley Construction specializes in the placement of all dry utility systems. We have a highly skilled, diversified workforce that allows us the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective and least disruptive placement methods. From deep-ditch excavation to hand-digs, Pauley has the people to get the job done right, and we guarantee on-time delivery to our customers. For more information about services in the broadband, electrical, and telephone markets, please see the industry-specific information below.

Experience where it counts the most:
  • In 2016, Pauley Construction celebrated 25 years of excellence in customer service.
  • Pauley has completed hundreds of miles of electrical distribution for Arizona Public Service and received the highest overall score for Accelerated Response and customer service.
  • Long-term maintenance Master Service Agreement contracts with five national broadband and telecom service providers.
  • Over 500 miles of FTTX and Broadband construction for customers in our regional area.
  • 1900 miles of broadband upgrade in Colorado, California, and Arizona.


Broadband Services:

  • Master Service Agreements
  • Rural Broadband deployment services
  • Wireless and turnkey services
  • Micro Trenching solutions
  • Conduit System Placing
  • Copper / Fiber Cable Placing
  • Copper / Fiber Splicing
  • Testing and Verification
  • Drop Placement and Management
  • Power Supply Node Placement
  • Trenching / Boring / Directional Drilling
  • Aerial Construction
  • Make Ready Construction
  • System Sweep and Balancing


Electric Utilities:

Pauley Construction offers the following services to our customers in the electrical industry:

  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Distribution systems
  • Deep Ditch Excavation
  • Overhead / Underground Conversions
  • Joint Trench Conduit / Cable Placement
  • Duct Bank Systems
  • Cable Replacement
  • Trenching / Boring / Directional Drilling
  • Auger Casing & Pipe Ramming



Pauley Construction offers the following services to our customers in the telecommunications industry:

  • Rural broadband
  • Long distance and communities
  • System conversions and upgrades
  • MSA and maintenance services
  • Cable extraction
  • Copper / Fiber Pulling & Splicing
  • Joint Trench Conduit Placement
  • HDPE - Cable-in-Conduit
  • Trenching / Boring / Directional Drilling
  • Conduit & Duct Bank System Placement
  • Manhole Placement
  • Cable Plowing
  • Microduct and Microfiber Blowing
  • Aerial Construction



Pauley Construction is proud to offer microtrenching services to its customers.

  • Innovative procedure for broadband projects